Try Alpha online

Alpha is about exploring the questions we all have about life in a relaxed and open way. With so many people asking life’s big questions at this time, we want to offer this as a safe place to explore your ideas.

This year, we are running Alpha online. Each evening session will start at 7pm begin with introductions (and even games), we will then watch one of the Alpha videos together, grab ourselves some supper and have a time of open discussion. We will finish at 8pm.

Our course begins on Wednesday November 3rd at 7pm online via a Zoom video call. The course will run each week and pause for this year with a session on Saturday morning 18th of December. The group can then make a decision when to gather again to complete the last few weeks of the course.

You can check in or out of any of the sessions – though, the first six sessions are the key to what Alpha is about.

If you want to join in, or if you have questions, plese let me know by sending an email to:

– I’m really looking forward to meeting you

Mike Flynn (Interim minister)