Lockdown 6.4 – Diocesan details

Update 01.09.2021

Lawns and gardening

We have discovered that one person at a time with no overlap, volunteer or professional, can mow lawns and maintain gardens on church property outdoors. Work permits are required. Apologies for the earlier incorrect advice.

Get vaccinated

We have no hesitation in urging everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated as soon as possible. In the Archbishop’s videos, in TMA and in episcopate newsletters, this has already been made plain. The evidence is mounting that vaccination is highly effective. Getting vaccinated is an act of love for your neighbour, and to provide safety in our community, churches and society. There is no credible argument against vaccination, and the risks of serious side effects from any of the vaccines available are extremely low. For those concerned that the origins of some vaccines are from an aborted foetus in the 1970s, we believe that God intends for good even bad actions and events, and the good from vaccine is significant. The Archbishop and bishops have all had a second dose, or have the second dose booked within the next few days.