Lockdown 6.5 – Changes to restrictions in regional Victoria

Update 08.09.2021

Victorian government has announced that Lockdown 6 will now be extended, with varying degrees of easing, until the national vaccination rates have been met.

Dear brothers and sisters

Restrictions in regional Victoria

From midnight Thursday, 9 September, restrictions are eased for our churches in regional Victoria.

  • Masks remain mandatory indoors and outdoors, other than the one person leading/preaching/singing. QR codes are mandatory.
  • Up to 20 people can attend church services plus those essential to conduct the service.
  • Funerals can have up to 20 mourners, plus those essential to conduct the service.
  • Weddings can have up to 10 people, plus those essential to conduct the service.
  • Groups can meet in church facilities with a maximum of 20 people on site.
  • Op shops can open with 4sqm rule. Masks are mandatory and cannot beremoved for eating or drinking indoors.
  • Meetings cannot be held in homes. Clergy and staff can work from churchoffices, maintaining 4sqm rule. Masks must be worn.
  • People living in greater Melbourne cannot attend general church services inregional Victoria other than those who are workers, including volunteers,essential to conduct the service.
  • Work permits are not required for work within regional Victoria.The website for the diocesan COVID pages is here. If the question is not addressed

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus

Archbishop Philip Freier