Lockdown 6.3 – Diocesan details

Update 21.08.2021

Dear brothers and sisters 

Regional Victoria restrictions as of Saturday 21st of August 2021

From 1pm today, Saturday, regional Victoria returns to lockdown. This means that the following applies to all churches in the diocese. Any services planned in regional Victoria for tomorrow must be cancelled. 

All face-to-face meetings, groups and services are prohibited. Five people can live stream or video a service, and you can travel more than 5km to do so. However, it must be the same five people each time. 

Funerals are limited to ten mourners, plus those leading the service. 

No weddings can occur, other than for end-of-life or deportation emergencies. 

Masks must be worn, other than the one person leading a funeral or speaking/singing to camera. Church offices cannot be used as workplaces, other than by clergy who live directly onsite. Visits to aged care facilities and hospitals are not generally allowed other than for end of life. Care visits are allowed, including beyond 5km, which could include pastoral visits where essential. Essential food provisions must be takeaway or delivery only. Op shops must be closed. Collecting mail and checking churches for security are permitted. 

QR codes must be used by anyone attending to broadcast a service or for a funeral. 

Work permits 

From midnight Monday, work permits are required for regional Victoria. These can be accessed on the diocesan website for each episcopate and a general one for volunteers. Work permits for clergy and ASLMs are to signed by the bishop. Please send these directly to your bishop. Work permits for volunteers and other staff are to be signed by the Vicar and do not need to be sent to the bishop. 

The website for the diocesan COVID pages is here. If the question is not addressed there, please email (not text message) Bishop Paul directly.

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus 

Archbishop Philip Freier