Lockdown 6.2 – Work permits

Update 16.08.2021

Dear brothers and sisters 

Clarification  (Diocean update 17/08)

We apologise for the inconsistency in yesterday’s update. Volunteer work permits do not need to be sent to the bishop or diocese. 

The website for the diocesan COVID pages is here.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Work permits – greater Melbourne only (Diocesan update 16/08)

  • Work permits are required for any clergy, staff, and volunteers who are involved in any or all of the following: broadcasting church services, essential food provision, and conducting funerals. Work permits are required whether or not the work is greater than or less than 5km from a person’s home. If and when funerals and funeral arrangement meetings occur, a supplementary work permit can be completed then.

The relevant episcopate permit for clergy and ALMs follows:

• Oodthenong,

• Marmingatha, 

• Jumbunna, 

  • For volunteers, please use this link here to a blank form and have the Vicar and local parish details for the employer. Unlike 2020, there is no need to send the volunteer forms to the bishop.
  • Work permits take effect from midnight Tuesday night, 17 August. Please complete the day/time section at the end. Please ensure the correct description of permitted work is included. Unlike 2020, we request all permits to be sent to the relevant bishop for signature.
  • Please note that work permits are not needed for essential care visits. Work permits are not needed for those living and working in regional Victoria, but are needed for those working in greater Melbourne.
  • The website for the diocesan COVID pages is here.

Grace and peace in Christ Jesus

Archbishop Philip Freier