Recognising God’s Call

The Australian composer of modern music, Peter Sculthorpe, always wanted to do one thing in life: it was to compose music. Not all agreed. At the age of seven, following his first piano lesson, he composed a little composition which he took to his second music lesson to show his teacher. His music teacher was not impressed and canned him. Peter persisted, but in secret. Another obstacle was his father. He didn’t understand the strange compositions his son was making and considered music unlikely to provide him with a living. He preferred he join his brother Roger in the family business which was a sports store in Launceston. Following his graduation from Melbourne University, Peter was broke and had to join his brother in the family store. On his 25th birthday, he sat on his parents’ bed, burst into tears, and announced “I’m a quarter of a century old, and I’ve done nothing!” (It is never wise to compare oneself
with Mozart who produced wonderful music at the age of 7.) At this point, his father gave up his expectation that he should continue to work in the family business.

This story illustrates what obstacles Jesus faced in order to follow his own calling to do the will of his Father, our God. Jesus had made a name as a healer and a prophet; a rabbi of some note. But when visiting his hometown, his family and the townsfolk he was met with disbelief. They could not recognise him for who he was and his calling due to their lack of faith (Mark 6:1-6). Recognising God’s call in our own life will often be met with obstacles, but we must persist in order to respond to what we know deep down, is our calling: to accept his commission and to follow him.

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