David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17 relates the encounter between David and Goliath and is perhaps the best known of all our Old Testament stories. Little guy beats big guy. It is often referenced that way in popular culture. But what does it mean for us today? What is the lesson to be gleaned for our own lives?

In Chapter 15 we read that Saul, the king, has disobeyed God’s commands and is out of favour with God. In Chapter 16 God tells the prophet Samuel to anoint David, the youngest son of Jesse and still a stripling, as the future king.

Now the Philistine army is on the war path and they face the army of Israel, across a valley. But they are at a stalemate. 9 foot tall Goliath steps out as the champion of the Philistines and waits for the Israelites to respond. Saul doesn’t know what to do. David, who is still too young to be a warrior and only came to bring food for his brothers, does know what to do.

With God on his side and in his heart, David appreciates the situation perfectly, and understands precisely what he can do about it. He stands up and plays his part, and sees it through to the end: a victory for those who have placed themselves in God’s hands.

Do we always see accurately what is happening around us? Do we see the contribution we might make? Do we stand up when we can, and strike a blow for the kingdom of God? Can we face the fear and unpleasantness that we might have to go through? By putting all of his skills and experience in God’s service, David grows in stature, and proves himself a worthy future king of Israel

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