Light and Darkness, Death and Life, Evil and Truth

There is a division which runs through the people of this world.

It is not the division between rich and poor; between men and women; white and black; educated and uneducated; the religious and non-religious; those who identify as Christian and those who don’t. It is a division which began in the past, is being made now in this very city and will one day be made manifest. This division is made by us, often without our awareness that we are making it. Sometimes the division is unintentionally made by those angry and feeling justified to blame others for the condition they find themselves living in.

This division is not one which God wants; nor is it one which the church community will rejoice in or leaves it feeling smug, assured of its superiority because it believes it stands on the right side of the division which runs through all humanity. Quite the reverse; often God’s people work hard to prevent this division from occurring. In hope and against the reality they know it will occur, they work tirelessly to ensure that all will have the opportunity to be aware of why the division occurs and a person’s participation in it.

John’s Gospel describes the division as one between light and darkness; death and life; evil and truth. (John 3:14-21) What is this division? It is the division over Jesus Christ which occurs in the heart of every person. No-one can remain sitting on the fence, indifferent, postulating that some other religious figure or political philosophy will save us. The coming of Jesus into this world, brought with it a division, the awareness that without Christ we are lost, unless we look to him to save us.

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